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Thanks For Birthday Wishes in English

We know you know it’s my birthday thank you

Thank you very much for sending the message

I enjoyed reading it, thank you very much

I have prayed that today I cannot forget

Thank you, all your prayers are with me

You remember me on my birthday, that’s enough for me

No matter how life goes, you always remember me

If your birthday comes, I will definitely wish you

Thanks For Birthday wishes For Friends

Today I thank you on my birthday as much as you did for me

You are the first person who wished me happy birthday Thank you

I forgot but you remembered my birthday Thank you

Thank you for making my day wonderful

How can I thank you for wishing me?

Thank you for remembering my birthday today

Thank you to whoever wished me happy birthday

That’s it, no one wished me on my birthday

Thank You Everyone For The Birthday Wishes

Of all the gifts, the best gift was yours, thank you

I feel like today was the best day of my life. Thanks everyone

Thank you to whoever messaged me on my birthday.

My day passes like this but today someone made me very happy

I have been crazy since you blessed me on my birthday

My cake is waiting just for you. Come and thank you for coming

My party has started for the one who wished me on my birthday

Who has said something special to me today on my birthday?

Thank You Birthday Message to Family and Friends

Thanks to the one who was with me on my birthday

Thank you very much for remembering my birthday

The day has come that everyone was waiting for. Thank you birthday

I don’t have any answers, thanks a lot for you

What would you do if I told you I love you today?

Thank you, you all are my friends, no one cares except you

My birthday was such that everyone wished for it

My birthday was like this today, everyone gave me happiness

Thank you for birthday wishes to best friend

Thanks to everyone who messaged me the most on my birthday

Thank you so much for what you did for me today

Every day is gone but today I am very happy with my heart

He messaged me today I am very happy

My day changed when I heard your message, my face lit up

You surprised me very well today, I can never forget it. Thank you

I thought you didn’t remember my birthday but you do thanks.

This story will remain, we will live a hundred lives in one moment

You remembered my birthday, it’s a big deal for me

Emotional thank you messages for birthday wishes

Thanks for coming to my birthday as it was. Thank you

You come before my time and take care of me. Thank you

It was a wonderful message. Yours was very different to me

Thank you, you remembered my birthday, I forgot everything

People who are jealous change but you always remember me Thank you

The only habit I like about you is that you don’t forget my birthday

Thank you to all of you who made me happy on my birthday

Whatever you may be, you know everything about me, thank you

God bless you as happy as you think thank you

Short thank you message for birthday wishes

This is how my dreams will come true, thanks to your blessings everyone.

My day went by with a smile, no one missed me today, thanks to everyone.

It’s time, it’s my birthday, but wiEveryone makes fun on birthdays, on my birthday only messages are busy.

thout you everything was complete, now it’s complete

No one has given much but your message has given me a lot today.

you received your message, I never thought you would love me so much.

Everyone sends me birthday wishes but no one sends thanks like you.

It’s my birthday but along with it I also got messages from my friends.

God bless you today and thank you for wishing me a happy birthday

Status thank you for birthday wishes

I have expressed my thanks in the true direction and not in a false way.

I was just waiting for your message, now I will have a great birthday

I made a mistake, please forgive me and thank you for sending me a happy birthday message

Birthday was given to me by God and words of happiness were given to you

Everyone has messaged me on my birthday but thanks to everyone

My heart is so weak but there are many people who remember me and take care of me. Thank you.

I don’t know where those days have gone that used to remember me on my birthday

It was such a birthday that I will remember throughout my life.

It didn’t seem like it but my friend did not forget my birthday. Thanks friend.

I am very happy today because today I have received a message from my beloved Thank you

The greatest happiness is when someone wishes you happy birthday.

My good days never came, today has come and someone remembered, thank you

Thank you everyone for your lovely wishes and blessings

I promise I will wish you something different on your birthday

It is because of your prayers that I am alive, thanks to you all

Whether anyone wishes my birthday or not, God has blessed me

Thank you, you remembered my birthday, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You never made me feel alone. Thank you for coming to my birthday

This has never happened to me but today it felt very good, thank you

My happy days are gone but I have no shortage of friends

My birthday passed but what you did to me today was special

Thank you very much for wishing me a happy birthday.

I had a great day and thanks to those who came on my birthday

I can’t forget, thank you all for giving me birthday messages.

We had forgotten our birthday, thank you for reminding us

Overwhelmed birthday thank you message

I had such a good day today just for you, thanks for doing so much

What a lovely birthday this has been for me and thank you all

Birthday should be such that 4 people wish you

Birthday should never be like this if I had a sad friend like you

Thanks to everyone who remembered and messaged me on my birthday

There was no one on my birthday. If there was anyone, it was you.. Thank you

What a beautiful day today has been, thank you God for making it my birthday

Birthday is just one year away and you all have given me happiness

The way it was, my birthday is such that everyone remembers it. Thank you.

Not a single birthday has gone by when people have not wished me a happy birthday

Thank you all for your wishes

Thank you very much to those who were with me on my birthday

My day was so good, I can never forget it. Thanks for giving me a happy birthday

The viewers saw everything but my birthday is different from all others

No one gives a message on every birthday, but there is no one like you as a friend for me

Hearty thanks to my family for all the blessings and love on my birthday.

Thank you for the loving birthday wishes! You never cease to impress me.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. You people are so special to me

We go like this, we come like this, but today did someone remember my birthday?

Ever since the birthday came, there was happiness. Now when the birthday came, you all gave me happiness

Thank you, dear colleague, for the beautiful birthday wishes. You’re truly a gem!

Your birthday message meant a lot to me. Thank you for being such a supportive colleague

I have heaps of appreciation for the kindness you’ve all shown me with your birthday wishes and lovely messages

Hearing from you was one of the
highlights of my day

I sincerely appreciate the kind words and well wishes. I really appreciate it

I’m incomplete without you in my life. I appreciate the kind words and sweet card you sent for my birthday

Thanks for the happy birthday greetings; I felt like a rock star. Today is the formal start of my world tour

To my incredible family, thank you very much for your love and well wishes. I appreciate you helping to make my day so special

Thank you for the loving birthday wishes! You never cease to impress me.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. You people are so special to me

Today was a great day for me because I received messages from all of you

I have never fallen in love like this with anyone but I told you today

It is because of the blessings of all of you that I celebrate my birthday. Thank you.

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