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No One Understands Your Life Quotes

I don’t know anyone so no one understands me

There must be someone who understands me

Everyone here knows what you are

People haven’t seen my attitude yet

Who is taking too long to understand me?

We will die when you understand me

For you I take every trouble upon myself

Only the one whose heart is in love cries

This is a very old story, no one understands me

No One Understands Me Quotes Short

People come smiling and he will go crying

Every day will pass when you will miss us

Look, you know what we are

Every day will pass but you will not remember me

I have seen many people but never like you

And there is no one else in this moment

I know now I don’t get a chance to apologize

I have only one aim, I want to prove my innocence

No one understands, they just come to talk nonsense

The number passes but hope never ends for anyone

No One Understands Me Quotes Relationships

Do good work, not good time, for good days to come

We are you, you are everything, yet this heart is alone.

You will get millions but there is no one like us

People keep meeting, never lose heart

I tell everyone one thing, never misunderstand anyone

I haven’t even done anything but I still have to listen.

We are so weak that we couldn’t understand ourselves

Do you have any enmity with me that you do this to me?

Who would have said that we don’t know the identity yet?

No One Understand Me Quotes in English

When this breath ends, I will not understand why I will be late

Gone are the days when you understood everything I said

If you can understand someone then don’t make him feel bad

There was something else in it so no one could understand it

Nowadays people are like this, they just watch the show for free

No one knows me but I am different from everyone else

I have everything given by God but no one understands me

Don’t think about me, I come in the heart, not in the mind

No one understands me quotes funny

I always considered you my own and I considered you a stranger

We will live, now we have got used to living without her

All my dreams will be unfulfilled now for only one person.

You will meet many unknown people but we are not strangers

Today is a wonderful day, it would be good if someone understands

If I had to understand this quickly, I would ⁸have understood.

It is not so easy to understand me in this situation

No one understands me Quotes for instagram

Trust me everyone loves you with all their heart

I don’t know how many people you might have seen like me

I haven’t even done anything but I still have to listen.

We are so weak that we couldn’t understand ourselves

If you don’t know how to have a relationship then why do people do it?

People are people, they are jealous, they say nothing without understanding anything

Never leave someone like this, you don’t know what their problem is

Every day has passed me by, now give me a chance to apologize

Oh heart, tell me where I am, where I don’t know anyone.doesn’t understand

Feeling sad no one understands me quotes

Many people have come and gone in life but no one understands me..SUPPPP

There are many people who understand me but no one loves me..SUPPPP

I am a superstar to everyone but no one recognizes me

Every day passed but I did not reach my destination

God has given me everything but something is missing

What to live without you, it is not living at all

Those who have seen may have seen a lot, but they may not have seen like me..SUPPPP

As long as I have life, I want to make everyone mine

I have seen many strangers but never seen my own.

No matter how much you tell people, they never understand

Will think he doesn’t love you

Those days were wonderful when we all lived together

You have to see a lot in life, you never get anything

Everything bad happens here no matter how much one wants it

I have only one heart, someone took it, now I can’t find it

If there is no society then you can understand why we are lovers

You find a lot of deceitful people but good people are very rare

We are something different, no one has understood us till date

Many viewers may have seen me, but there is no such day when no one has seen me

There is someone better than me, but I could never understand

Is there anyone who still understands me?

I pray that this does not happen to anyone who has been accused of me

People in the world know everything but understand nothing..SUPPPP

Some people are like this, everyone understands but ignores them

I have also seen such people who always keep their mistakes and tell others

I don’t know what happened to people but they have given us bad luck

Enough has happened with me, I pray that God does not do this to anyone

Understand each other in this world because one day we have to leave

Someday you will go away after separation from me, but you will also regret it.

I have seen many good and bad people but no one understands humans, very few of them

Someone becomes wrong under compulsion, no one ever understands

No one understands betrayal like the one who has been betrayed.

What to do when you fall in love with someone but they don’t understand?

The one who smiles even without understanding this world is the kindest person

We will meet many people like this but no one understands me as much as you.

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