Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2024 Wishes Quotes Images & Messages

Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2024 Wishes Quotes Images & Do you want good thoughts and messages of Happy Janmashtami, then the you is free from here and you want to share your Happy Janmashtami and WhatsApp status and thank you for coming here

Happy Janmashtami Quotes with Images

May lord you keep everyone blessed lord krishna Happy Janmashtami

Happy Krishna Janmashtami May God make every poor always Shortage

If someone is asking Krishna on this Janmashtami, then he should get it Happy Janmashtami

Hope everyone has a good day on this Janmashtami and forgive each other on this day Happy Janmashtami

I was waiting for this event for a long time, today it has come, no one will stop me Celebrate Janmashtami

Nothing will happen to me as long as I have my hand in my hand because as long as I have my hand then Lord Krishna’s hand is in my hand Happy Janmashtami

Today is not the day of sadness, today is the birthday of our Lord Krishna, tell everyone from all over the world to celebrate Janmashtami

Today our Lord Krishna is above and on, we are Earth celebrating Janmashtami from here and he is watching Happy Janmashtami

We will not live even a moment without you, whoever we are, you are our life, we are proud, you are our Lord Happy Janmashtami

I want you, I need you, I will not live without you Happy Krishna Janmashtami

You are mine and today on your birthday, there should be happiness in everyone’s house and everyone should celebrate your birthday Happy Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami SMS

Krishna is always in the heart but no one remembers him properly, today everyone should Happy Janmashtami

I pray everyone becomes like Krishna in our Hindu Happy Janmashtami

I pray krishna always be in our heart and help everyone Happy Krishna Janmashtami

Hope we were happy yesterday also and today also why our krishna’s blessings are with us Happy Krishna Janmashtami

My heart is relaxed, Krishna you to meet you, today is your birthday, come in my dreams tonight Happy Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna is God, we are his children, he is concerned only with good deeds, if someone does something wrong, he gets angry, then I hope that Janmashtami is celebrated with all your heart Happy Krishna Janmashtami

Pray for everyone on Janmashtami from the heart Lord Krishna must be listening because today is his birthday Happy Krishna Janmashtami

There is passion in love, he has become a follower of Lord Krishna, there is peace in his life Happy Krishna Janmashtami

Lord has a moment’s happiness to make us laugh, but do happiness in life, then only Krishna will always be with you Happy Krishna Janmashtami

Our Lord had power in words and no one was as brave as him Happy Krishna Janmashtami

Happy Janmashtami Photo

If we meet Lord Krishna somewhere, then we follow the life for him. I wish you all a very happy Krishna Janmashtami

May there be happiness in everyone’s house on Krishna’s birthday and everyone should remember Lord Krishna by heart Happy Independence

May the blessings of lord krishna always be with you never worry for anyone in life one day our krishna will take everyone’s People Happy Krishna Janmashtami

We always remember Krishna in trouble, so what else will the heart do today, it is his birthday, let’s all celebrate, today I will break the pot Happy Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna is coming to everyone’s house today, we are very happy because today is his Janmashtami

parent’s how to pay respect to elders someone learn from krishna Happy Janmashtami

You say to the passers-by that Krishna was very dear to us, today everyone wishes him a very happy birthday

Today on Janmashtami, we will give a gift to the one who breaks the pot Happy Krishna Janmashtami

We have always loved Krishna and would die for him. Happy Janmashtami to everyone today

Happy Krishna Janmashtami, God bless you all

Happy Krishna Janmashtami Pic

I pray that today Krishna comes to everyone’s home and in your form, Janmashtami is celebrated Happy Krishna Janmashtami

May God make every poor to poor rich on Janmashtami and fulfill their dreams Happy Krishna Janmashtami

We are not even afraid of death, nor of the world, nor of people, we are afraid of our Krishna Happy Janmashtami

If you are there then what else do I need, if you are there then we are there, otherwise I do not want to live in this world, till death I will live in the name of Krishna Happy Janmashtami

When childhood goes like Krishna, youth goes like Krishna, when death comes, it comes like this I want to see Krishna’s face Happy Krishna Janmashtami

Today we welcome the one who has ruled the whole world and continues to do so today, that is our Krishna

After Ram, he is my Lord Krishna and I send blessings today, may Krishna bless everyone today

Today I will break the pot of butter, I was waiting for this Janmashtami for a long time, today it has come, today I am very happy Krishna Janmashtami

Happy Krishna Janmashtami May God bless you and have a happy life

Our Krishna ji was the most different in the world, today is butter eating day Happy Krishna Janmashtami

Happy Janmashtami Wishes in English

Lord krishna ji says that if something bad happens to someone, then keep quiet, people always burst sweet fruits Happy Krishna Janmashtami

keep calm nothing lasts forever time had changing Happy Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna ji says everything will be fine have patience and pray to God only then God will support you in every trouble Happy Krishna Janmashtami

I hope that on Janmashtami, all those who are sad and troubled, who are in trouble, may you get healing Happy Krishna Janmashtami

It is a request to all of you to celebrate Janmashtami well and do not hurt anyone else, do what Krishna ji likes and wish you Krishna Janmashtami

Today the moon and the stars say with a smile that today is our Krishnan’s birthday Happy Krishna Janmashtami

You are the reason for our smile and you are the reason for living. If life is not spent then someone should spend it looking at you Happy Krishna Janmashtami

Happy are those people who have passed away after seeing you, I wish we could see you sometime Happy Krishna Janmashtami

May there be more happiness on this day and sorrow may go away from everyone, try from the heart today, Krishna ji will listen to everyone Happy Krishna Janmashtami

I have attached my heart by loving you, I am dying, so only I get your blessings Happy Krishna Janmashtami

Come Krishna, you were the most unique God in the world, there is no one like you, I am proud of you, my God is Krishna Happy Janmashtami

We are proud that you are our Lord and Happy Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami Message

You have not met us by luck, God has sent you on earth for Happy Krishna Janmashtami

On the day of happiness, do good wokr again and again, today everyone will be well, our Krishna ji says, I will never forgive those who remain angry on this day Happy Krishna Janmashtami

Life goes on like this people are doing bad things remember us Krishna, why did we spend our life on this earth Please forgive all our sins Happy Krishna Janmashtami

is trying to celebrate Janmashtami today and have fun in their family and stay away from wrongdoing Happy Krishna Janmashtami

Happy krishna janmashtami may god bless every poor always

Shortage is ours who is our lord, today he will come to everyone, that’s why we celebrate Janmashtami today Happy Krishna Janmashtami

I pray that all Hindu people are troubled anywhere, may Lord Krishna protect them all and today I wish you all Happy Janmashtami

We will break the pot but first of all we need the blessings of our Lord Krishna Happy Krishna Janmashtami

Look, today someone is asking every Krishna to meet everyone and Krishna ji blesses us today Happy Krishna Janmashtami

Today I bless all those who love Lord Krishna with all their heart. Happy Janmashtami from my side

Beloved by love, the king of the sweetest heart, the bravest and the most Strong, then our Lord Krishna is Happy Krishna Janmashtami

Today we have a lot of love for Janmashtami, no one should stop and today I wish you all Happy Janmashtami

I have loved only one and I have given my heart to only one and if I ask for my life, I will give it to that person only that is our krishna ji Happy Krishna Janmashtami

I feel very happy on this day because today is the day to eat butter and remember Krishna, hope today is a good day for everyone Happy Krishna Janmashtami

Who says Krishna ji is not visible, he is visible only to those who remember him from heart and love him truly Happy Krishna Janmashtami ***SUPPP

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