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happy gandhi jayanti

We are proud that Gandhi’s birthday happened in India and he gave us freedom and everyone is happy. Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Happy Gandhi Jayanti, I am very happy today because today is the day to remember Gandhi Ji

May everyone get whatever they want on this day and I hope famine does not come to us like Gandhi. Happy Gandhi Jayanti

On this day, everyone should pray with all their heart for Gandhi, he is a different person from all others in our India. Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Come let’s all celebrate Gandhi Jayanti with all our heart, it is different from all the others

I am crazy about Gandhiji and I love Gandhiji. If you said this then I would even give my life for him. Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Everyone dies but do such work that the whole country remembers you, that is my Mahatma Gandhi

Salute to the one who has taught us to walk on this path. Happy Gandhi Jayanti

If you learn to love someone and talk with love, then learn from our Mahatma Gandhi. Happy Gandhi Jayanti.

The country did not get independence just like that, ever remember about Gandĥhi and then you will say that you are proud of Gandhi. Happy Gandhi Jayanti.

happy gandhi jayanti photo

If you are there then what else do I need, my country, Mahatma Gandhi have given me everything, even if I die, I should die This place, this is what my heart says Happy Gandhi Jayanti

May all Indian be well on Gandhi Jayanti and have happiness in their lives

We salute Mahatma Gandhi ji has fought and sweated for our country and we love our country Happy Gandhi Jayanti

I am proud my Nigerian hoon and I got freedom today and we must give freedom to the poor and innocent people of our country. Happy Independence Day

I am proud that my Mahatma Gandhi ji and I got freedom one day and we can never repay his favor. Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Today I am not sad, I am very happy. Salute to those who protect our country, Mahatma Gandhi ji is destroying us, we are living in this country Happy Gandhi Jayanti

I love this country so much that no matter how many times I am born, let me be born only in Gandhi Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Gandhiji has come a long way for us, but today few people in my country have come a long way, I promise that I will make them come a long way today, this is the promise of your Chief Minister

Salute to those who have courage for the country. Salute to those who saved our country. Salute to those who gave us this freedom

Gandhi Jayanti will be celebrated everywhere and he has done such work for his country

In our country, fighting is done not with words, not with anger, but with love and heart Happy Gandhi Jayanti

happy gandhi jayanti quotes

People say lakhs but my Mahatma Gandhi ji says one thing, those things and everyone indian is know Happy GandhiJayanti…

I will never let any sorrow or bad thing come near you, you just keep moving forward, I will handle your burden in front of me Happy Gandhi Jayanti

If my death comes like this then I will die in the same way as Gandhiji had lived

The people of the future are watching the future but they do not know what happened when we came and met us, it is a happy day, what our Gandhiji has done Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Getting Gandhi Jayanti was necessary so that our Indian should be completely happy

We have learned to love our country. Salute to Mahatma Gandhi

The that sweat will bring account of every boon in the field, Gandhi ji, I’m will raise our flag like this Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Gandhi ji says In my country a great man is called God, he comes from anywhere, he just stays here Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Such a story can be found at every step, such is my Mahatma Gandhi

I have found the whole world where there is no one like you i love u my Mahatma Gandhi ji

happy gandhi jayanti images

Oh my Mahatma Gandhi, no matter where I live, I just remember you Happy Gandhi Jayanti

O my may Mahatma Gandhi your name remain inhabited wherever I am, but may inhabited Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Here the colors change at every step, the rivers, the sun, the sea, this colorful country is my Mahatma Gandhi ji

It will be here also there, now it will be everywhere your Happy Gandhi Jayanti

We will live by taking your name i proud Mahatma Gandhi ji us

Whatever work we have done in this world, we do it with all our heart. Happy Gandhi Jayanti

We live with you, Salute to those who gave us freedom Happy Gandhi Jayanti

me in my country I have got this Gandhi ji, I do not want any change in it Happy Gandhi Jayanti

If you want, let us try, we are the ones who love heart and love, we say that we love Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Understand us people, understand your heart, know how much you think, understand us, my is the heart Mahatma Gandhi is like

Do not divide our country on the basis of religion, never humiliate this country
Do this, all the Indian together raise the flag of this country, come today everyone Celebrate Happy Gandhi Jayanti

We call the enemies of our life life, we call the soil of love Mahatma Gandhi

The one who lets the world hear it is called silence, the one who shows it in the eyes is called a storm, we call the soil of love as Mahatma Gandhi ji

2 October Jayanti Wishes

The courage of the heart is the Gandhiji, O my Gandhi ji, I have sworn that we will not let anything happen in our Country Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Children also go to every street, go to every school, let us see only our Happy Gandhi Jayanti

I don’t live but I have a lot with you, it is not told today that day has come, I can tell you that I love Gandhi ji very much i love u

I love my Gandhi ji with my heart, I pray that whenever I am born, we are on the land of Indian Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Hope you have a good day today and happiness in your life Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Our Gandhiji has got independence from that world. If only he was alive then our country would have been number 1 in the whole world.

Salute to you my Mahatma Gandhi, may it always be inhabited, we are proud Happy Gandhi Jayanti

It is not a matter of a few days, it is a matter of years, remember those who have given you this freedom Happy Gandhi Jayanti

We are not worried about what people say, but if someone says something for our country, we cannot tolerate it Happy Gandhi Jayanti

keep smiling like this everyone and today everyone will celebrate Gandhi Jayanti because today is our Mahatma Gandhi Day

I have no one in this world but this is my Gandhi ji, I love only this Happy Gandhi Jayanti

I thank those who have given freedom to our Happy Gandhi Jayanti

If someone loves then learn from Gandhi ji, our Mahatma Gandhi is different from all Happy Gandhi Jayanti

May all the dreams of our country come true on this day and keep moving forward Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Our Gandhi is the best, the most beloved, once we lost our country, not again Happy Gandhi Jayanti

We are still alive, there is no fire on our Gandhi and we will not allow anyone to read the eyes of a foreign country Happy Gandhi Jayanti

everyone is not good people but we should love our Gandhi and let’s celebrate Happy Gandhi Jayanti today

We are very lucky to have this Gandhi ji and such lovely people. From my side to all Indian Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Hope today on Gandhi Jayanti, everyone stays away from wrongdoing and everyone becomes a child of India like Mahatma Gandhi. Happy Gandhi Jayanti

This is very beautiful 2nd October, we were waiting for a long time, Happy Gandhi Jayanti

These days no one remembers what Gandhi was, it is good that there is Gandhi’s picture on the note, otherwise people even forget Gandhi these days

If someone slaps you on your cheek, our Gandhiji has said that you should turn the other cheek Happy Gandhi Jayanti

You and I are very happy because Gandhi Jayanti has come, there will be a lot of motivation on this day

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