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happy birthday wishes for unknown person

Seen not once but 100 times but still forget it looks like you have never met me sorry ha forgot happy birthday

You talk without seeing but it feels good. Happy birthday

I like you when I see you but you don’t know me and you look very nice Happy Birthday

I did not know that you had met me on Facebook before and today you have come in front of me. I felt good that I have someone of my own Happy Birthday

What would the onlookers not have seen? I haven’t seen your face yet, only things keep happening Happy birthday

You don’t see how many years have passed, but I always wish you a happy birthday and even today I will wish you a happy birthday

Dear how far are you I am unknown in your eyes but I love you very much Happy Birthday

You stay away from us like this, but we always consider you our own, so what should we do, both of us will have a habit of not living without you. Today is your birthday. happy birthday

You had seen that day nothing like this happened to me, but you are like this, it has become your habit, I have never seen you, I have not talked to you, but when you became my need, I do not know, today is your birthday, tell me everything is complete for you. This man will wish you a happy birthday

I am unknown in your eyes, what happened if you did not reply to my message, I am not sad, but do reply today, Happy Birthday

best birthday wishes for unknown person

You ignore without thinking and we have not considered you as our own and if not today then tomorrow you will be mine Happy Birthday

I fell in love with you while I was alive, what should I do today or tomorrow I try to stay away from you Happy Birthday

You forget me again and again like I’m a stranger in your life ok if it feels like this then it’s okay happy birthday

Don’t think about the past year start the coming year well and be happy in life Happy Birthday

Come, I wish that you are that Friend in my life, but what to do, it is a matter of luck and happy birthday

For a moment it seems that I have seen you somewhere, but I think I meant to wish you a happy birthday from another friend

Don’t know where those days have gone, we used to chat till late night, but today there is no time to message. Happy Birthday

You are my society, that is enough for me, this much thing is very big for me, hope you have a nice day today and keep smiling Happy Birthday

I have so much desire to fall in love with you, I cannot speak about my heart Happy Birthday

Should I say something or something new to you today, well in your eyes we are unknown to you, in your family and friends, happy birthday

unknown friend birthday wishes for unknown person

You are so Handsome that I have heard that we are lucky that a person like you comes in our destiny, till now you are unaware that you will see that one day I will make you mine Happy Birthday

I don’t know how old are you but I know how many years have passed since I met you Happy Birthday

Live 99 years be happy in life I don’t know you but one day I will known I have heard that it doesn’t take long to become a public identity see one day I will make you my Aadhaar card Happy Birthday

No one is a stranger, everyone is our own, such people belong to the society,
I say one thing, I never consider you a stranger, my family members belong to the society, sorry for this and happy birthday

My life is left for you, whatever time I have, I only spend it on loan because I have known that I get the most peace with you and I don’t want anything, I just want you Happy Birthday

People tell me that you have never seen how much grains love a person, I just tell them here, the more grains, the more love, isn’t it? Happy birthday

I know how happy you are today, because it is your birthday, today is your year, be in a hurry, and if someone needs you, they go to my pad and happy birthday to you

The happiness that you get is always yours, the happiness that you get is mine Happy Birthday

May no sorrow be with you, may your eyes never be sad, when you remain silent, then I come to know and help you, may I be lucky Happy Birthday

There are tears of happiness in your eyes and how can I not celebrate your birthday

Birthday Quotes For Unknown Person

What a beautiful face you have, this heart is just crazy about you and never forget me. Happy birthday

Happy birthday, may your dreams come true soon, may this day be special for you, may you receive many gifts and may there be all the happiness in the house

And may the smile on your face never diminish, may this birthday be more special than every other birthday of yours. Happy Birthday

What gift should I give on your birthday, I will just say this, always keep smiling like this, this is what I pray to myself. Happy birthday

Today is a very special day because the birthday is yours, live every day as a special society of life, no matter what the situation is, just be happy, you have whatever you want, Happy Birthday

You are the one who ignored my small mistakes, you are the one who always supported me in my problems, you are the one who taught me to love You are the one who became my own from unknown. Happy birthday

There is happiness throughout the day then I talk to you this is true never said but this is the true heart of friendship Happy Birthday

This day comes on the year of happiness, happy birthday

If I were a big man, on your birthday, I would decorate the streets in Colony and go to the biggest shop and buy a big cake and come to you and say Happy Birthday

You are my best I love sharing someone with you You have supported me in every problem I have never trusted anyone more than you Happy Birthday to you

Happy birthday to you I don’t know today is your birthday I hope you will be happy today I pray to God that this happiness be on your face forever

I know that I will not find a friend like you anywhere. You have always given me courage when I am upset. Thank you for being with me

How to Wishes For Unknown Person

You wish that wish is in your feet may God give you that in reality Happy Birthday

Never seen you but my heart cries a lot I don’t know why but don’t ask me why Happy birthday

I have started being yours ever since I met, I talk to you day and night, no one else can think of me. Happy birthday

Your face is so forgotten and such a yot is found by the lucky ones and keep a smile on your face today. Happy Birthday

May God give you all the happiness you want, may you get the happiness you want and may all your dreams come true, may you get what your heart desires today. Happy Birthday

Keep decorating the festival of happiness, may you get so much happiness that you are crazy about happiness Happy Birthday

one day i will see you in me and in you happy birthday look that day is not far we will meet closer one day happy birthday

May the setting sun bless you and the blossoming flower give you fragrance, we are not capable of giving you anything, may God bless you with thousands of happiness happy birthday

Let’s see what will happen you have come closer to me maybe tell me more what do you want today is your birthday I will just pray for you because my heart is very poor Happy Birthday

heart is mad does not agree and this has become your habit, you should talk I pray that this year your lies may be different and forget all the enemies of being so happy Birthday

Here everyone comes in a hurry and the most happiness comes on birthday, ask them how many birthday wishes we wish, I wish you too, you feel like a child again and celebrate birthday like that Happy Birthday

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