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Birthday Wishes For Special Person

We are not sad to celebrate birthday but you are happy on your birthday, we are just happy

god never separate you from me stay with me till next year Happy Birthday My Sweetheart

What to live without you, even for a moment the chain did not come, today is a birthday, my beloved has one day in a year Happy Birthday My Sweetheart

If he wants, I can decorate from township to city, but I agree to him, I do as I say, everything is here for me Happy Birthday Sweetheart

What is that life to live in which your face is not there? I have heard that today your birthday gift is nothing, but I have just kept my heart for you Happy Birthday

Sweetheart is mine so I have to bear the expenses today is happy birthday

This year you are far away love I am missing your birthday see then celebrate yours on normal days

I will be with you for seven births, my lover will die, I will continue to love you God bless live for hundred years

Birthdays change in the journey of life, then they say, then they don’t come Happy Birthday Sweetheart

you yes there is fragrance in the air or someone like the sun same you that comes to me then I feel Happy Birthday

Surprise Birthday Wishes For Lover

I have fallen in love with you, now never leave me alone Happy Birthday my Sweetheart

me is a scoundrel, me heart is big and difficult work is not forbidden, have you heard that it is your birthday, today I will take you to the service of the clouds

The moon cannot bring stars like this because you will also have to walk with me on the moon Happy Birthday my Sweetheart

this is the birthday i live on your birthday otherwise your birthday will good go well Happy Birthday

Your birthday is fine and my money is fine, otherwise I am good fine on your birthday

As soon as your birthday comes, I feel very happy because the cake is eaten from your hand Happy Birthday My Sweetheart

Happy Birthday my Sweetheart see what happens today just get ready to meet me in the evening

Happy Birthday May your every wish come true and you have told me in your prayers that it should happen first

Happy Birthday Sweetheart you are a shift and can never fly cause i have the key only i can open it

Happy Birthday my Sweetheart Today you have to cut 2 cakes, one with the family and one with me

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Whatever you ask for, may your dreams come true and if you ever need to be happy, I will be there for you in that need Happy Birthday My Sweetheart

Happy Birthday Sweetheart I have heard that you don’t wear new clothes on your birthday, don’t cut any cake, but today it won’t do, otherwise I will force you

live better than me some day and you are mine Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday my Sweetheart Live this moment, live like it’s the last day, it’s your birthday

I will bring you such a big cake from the colony to my home

Live today peacefully, who knows what will happen again tomorrow, tell me what you want on the day of your birthday

Day and night are for those who cry, the time of our birth is on the birthday

I just want happiness, you are the one who gives happiness and if you are not in my life then my life is nothing

Live, live as if your life is lucky, you are lucky Happy Birthday

What have you done that I am so restless on your birthday and want to spend the whole day with you Happy Birthday My Sweetheart

Romantic Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Birthday is just an excuse for you, the real fun is just gifts and outings

Happy Birthday We have become so mad in your love that we did not even know when your birthday came

You are the reason to smile, you are also the reason to be with me today is your birthday so how can I forget Happy Birthday

What the audience might not have seen, I bet no one celebrates birthday like you Happy Birthday

Be it day or night, your face shines and especially on birthday, it seems like an angel has come from the sky, may God keep it like this

happy Birthday my Sweetheart god bless you happiness life

May God make it easy for me to be with you, may your steps be mine too and may you always keep smiling Happy Birthday Sweetheart

Happy Birthday I will give free cake to everyone who comes to the party because don’t you know it’s my sweetheart’s birthday

I don’t believe in heart but I want to gift anything for you, take it, you are a lucky girl, you are taking a gift from me

You are separated from me but yes one can celebrate birthday with you but I will give you a message next year I will celebrate birthday with you see

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Look, we don’t even have time for our birthday timings celebrate, and we are taking time for your time Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Don’t be angry on this day, today is your birthday, there is nothing greater in the world than blessings and best wishes

Happy Birthday Don’t know, there will be one girl among 1000 girls who was kept for me by God, me got her today, I have heard that today is your birthday

I will not give you the cake, I will eat it whole, I like your birthday cake more than you Happy Birthday Sweetheart

I am not a poet who can say something on your birthday, but I say this much, happy birthday and you meet me on every born happy birthday

Today is a good day but I can’t say that just see you in the evening then I will say

It is not our birthday that we do not celebrate, it is the birthday of our beloved, I will celebrate it Happy Birthday

I like your birthday when it rains month so beautiful Happy Birthday

Someday or the other, I will consider you a birthday to with you Happy Birthday

Today is a very pleasant day and your birthday is even more lovely

Life is the year of love and the coming birthday is very special, maybe that day has come today Happy Birthday My Sweetheart

I don’t need friend and enemy to live, I just want my life, today is your birthday tell me what do you want

My dear, I sacrifice my heart for you, I pray to God that you never get angry for me in life Happy Birthday My Sweetheart

cut the birthday cake like you’re cutting my heart out like you long me away

A People life then 1 day also comes who congratulates you, among them I am also a person who is congratulating you today hope you have a nice day and be happy

Birthday makes you crazy, you will not be aware, but today, see this poor message Happy Birthday

I’ve been waiting for your birthday for a long time because I don’t want cakes and parties, I want your company Happy Birthday My Sweetheart

I like your birthday but you will see me cutting the cake on video call, I will be happy just to see that Happy Birthday

As your birthday begins, I wonder what to do for you today Happy Birthday Sweetheart

Those who see would not have seen anything, our love is shared with them today, your birthday and my love

How long will you hide, one day you will come yourself and feed me cake Happy Birthday Sweetheart

I want to make you mine, you just be happy like this, never cry for anyone, remember your Sweetheart when bad times come

It is a promise dear, we will not be separated, whether we like it or not, the world will yes meet our wishes Happy Birthday My Sweetheart

I had a lot of good happiness by making me yours and now your birthday has come, I am doubly happy

It is a distant thing to see Birthday, at least to see the message of this poor man, it is a distant thing, he is crazy about you Happy Birthday My Sweetheart

Some people will say that the work of the people is Talk, you see who comes on your birthdayHastily smiling Birthday Celebrate mind and don’t forget your Sweetheart

Many many happy returns of the day, my Sweetheart, may god bless you with a happy life

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