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Birthday Wishes For Student From Teacher in English

I don’t need stories and study, I only have children like you in our class, our school’s name will be bright Happy Birthday

He is so mischievous that this student of mine reads slow and blooms fast Happy Birthday

I hope you live a hundred years and I only pray that you study well Happy Birthday

All the kids stay on one side and you stay on one side in the class I am proud that you study here with us Happy birthday

Now we don’t need anything in class, today is your birthday, I will give you this gift, just study well, then see what gift I give

This Girl is crazy about studies, he only wants education in life and nothing else Happy Birthday

I know why you didn’t come to class today it’s your birthday keep smiling and studying happy birthday

You are the one who used to copy everyone, now those days are no more, now it is going to be good for you, may God give you the same thoughts and attention

Birthday Greetings For Special Student

Happy birthday, it’s your birthday, we want cake, party in class, doze or come home

Happy Birthday my dear student your live hundred years and happiness life

Happy birthday nice and lovely you were the king of studies in my class

Hope you like today and you enjoy today, come back to class tomorrow

Whatever I had in studies, I used to get it through hard work. I am proud of you. Happy birthday

I wanted to celebrate your birthday, I am not with you but just say that always be happy and study

Worry about you this year too, you always passed because you study so well, I don’t even need to say anything Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Don’t think about last year, how the year went, start a new day from today and then see you will study well

There was a boy in my class who was very silent all the time God bless you happy birthday

Motivational Birthday Wishes For Student

Happy birthday to the boy in class who annoys me and spoils my mind

Every year I wish you luck and you always say next year really give you cake give you

One of my students was like this at the time of examination some people remember God and some remember the devil and him used to say sir sir

I have so much desire to fall in love with you, live long and pray that you never stray away from your studies

Happy Birthday I don’t care if your cake is white or black cool because we need cake otherwise you can’t come to class tomorrow ok

I have heard that today is your birthday, all your class friends have forgotten the party and sir

May you live long and become a big man, that is my happiness and don’t forget your head Happy Birthday

I have not fallen in like with anyone because they trouble me, I have fallen in like with you because you study fast and remain calm in class Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday I don’t have any gift to give you on your birthday, I just want to say a good message, today you are studying, tomorrow is the big day for you

When you smile then I know that you cheat in the exam, one day you will go beautiful

Funny Birthday Wishes For Student

You just keep studying hard like this, then see us and the people of this class will be proud

Live a day like a school holiday and have a party with your parents, if you get time, invite your Sir

Smile a little, mind your birthday and study a little Happy Birthday

Good morning, have a nice day and wish you a very happy birthday

I am proud that one day my name will shine Happy Birthday

I am lucky that kids like you study in my class and I wish you to be happy always Happy Birthday

I like your studies very much but more than that your heart is very pure that’s what I like you Happy Birthday

This makes your head happy, you always get first marks in studies, let’s be proud Happy Birthday

Live as much as you want, then study the same, then see, one day will bring different colors in your life Happy Birthday

You are new I don’t know your habit and I have heard about your studies today is your birthday so I wish you first focus on your studies and Happy Birthday

You always come first in class I like this habit of yours very much God keep you like this and live long life Happy Birthday

Life will go on like this who knows what will happen tomorrow, just study well, then one day you will become a leader, this study has to be famous Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday You have everything God has given you and all you need is to find a gentleman like me, one day I will make you a big man

Birthday card for student from teacher

Hope you have a great day today and don’t do anything wrong Happy Birthday

If you never feel like studying then don’t give up, one day you will get success and God will make you strong

You just study too much and are not strong, look, today on your birthday, I pray that you become strong and be happy

I have heard that you dream very big, not in the night, but in the day, and that too in the class, one day your dreams will come true Happy Birthday

The more you study today, the better your tomorrow will be and you will get a job easily and be happy. Happy birthday today

This is what I say, be happy on your birthday, if trouble comes, don’t remember me, remember my studies, one day everything will be remembered Happy Birthday

many many return of the day my dear student proud you Happy Birthday

Don’t think about what people will say, take care of yourself and your studies, then you will get success one day Happy Birthday

do what you want and be happy if you study today you will become a great person tomorrow Happy Birthday

You are a smart rate, I hope everything goes well for you this year

This is the Age of your studies that I should live for hundred years, never disturb anyone in the class, my student

happy birthday to my dearest smart student

Everyone lives on one side, mine and these students live on one side, there is a lack of children like you in my class Happy Birthday

I am giving you a message, never disturb anyone and respect your parents happy birthday

I pray to my Lord that you get a lot of happiness and you never get sad and one day you show yourself as a big man Happy Birthday

Study less and your dreams are like Burj Khalifa building, Happy birthday

happy birthday to a smart kid

What did you do if you did not study, this is the most important work in the world Happy Birthday

happy birthday to the last person in class

Happy Birthday God has given you everything, only one thing is lacking is study, one day you will be a good student

God bless you and never live for others live for yourself Happy Birthday

Who knows what will happen here tomorrow Be a better person today then the world will salute you Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday You study without seeing, I know god bless you happiness

Happy Birthday Don’t be so smart one day everyone will be like you so how will we punish the student

Happy Birthday As soon as your studies are over, I come to know how much you study, you are a good boy

Whenever you do something good, then I know that I am proud Happy Birthday

One day you will come first in class I am sure Happy Birthday My Student

I can’t take my eyes off your face, you always look at me, I like it Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday I fear you so that tomorrow you will be fine, otherwise you will fail again
I love you so much, I have never told you, but if you are afraid of me, then it will be good for you, otherwise it will be bad

Happy Birthday Everyone in the class doesn’t love you so what if I don’t just keep laughing and be happy who has no one God is his friend

Happy birthday to you, don’t just think for yourself and think for others too, then God will give you everything

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