Happy Birthday Wishes For Son & Images Messages

Happy Birthday Wishes For Son & Images Messages Best Find Special Text Quotes Birthday Son For Whstapp Status and Thanks For Visiting

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Son

My heart says that I just want to hug you but you are far away. Happy Birthday

You are my dear son, happy 1st birthday to you

Oh come home stranger, I have one life for you Happy Birthday

We are also your sons, come and meet us sometime Happy Birthday

your strength is my smile Happy birthday

Your magic is such that when you are with me, I feel like you are away, then I yearn HBD

I pray to you from my heart, don’t leave your father alone HBD

There is a lot of pain but you are not with me. Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Wishes For Son From Mother

Never trouble your father. Happy Birthday

Today I am telling you happy birthday, even greater happiness is taking a holiday today

You should enjoy today because it is your birthday

Today your father will tell you how much he loves you Happy Birthday

Like my breath needs you, you are there for me Happy Birthday

Didn’t say anything but didn’t hear anything but my son’s birthday has come I am happy

You miss your father every moment but don’t say it Happy Birthday Son

Son, we say happy birthday to the one who takes care of you every moment

Everyone thinks differently but my son thinks for me Happy Birthday

one day you will definitely become a big man Happy Birthday Son

Blessings Birthday Wishes For Son Quotes

Who can love his mother more than she has never made you cry? HAPPY BIRTHDAY

I love you very much son, I swear to God Happy Birthday

Those days are gone when you used to have fun with me Happy Birthday

Don’t love me so much, one day you will leave me Happy Birthday

This is my prayer to God that you never face any trouble Happy Birthday

Just be happy today, this is your Mom praye Happy birthday son

Happy is that mother whose son obeys her everything

I am happy in your every happiness, just keep smiling Happy Birthday

I don’t say anything but I understand everything in your heart Happy Birthday my Son

This is a different matter, I don’t talk to my son but today is my birthday

Birthday wishes for son from father

I always feel good eating from my own plate when others tell me that is the love of mine and my son

I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, today I pray that you just stay happy.

I don’t know what you want, I keep thinking till today HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Blessing Birthday Wishes For Son From Mother

The elder son and the younger son of the house are one, you are our life. happy birthday dear son

happy birthday son may god bless you with a life full of happiness and joy

Miss you as always on your birthday son, this year two cakes have been cut, one me, one you

Let’s do the best function because today is our son’s birthday.

Don’t leave tension, don’t worry about money. Birthday, may your birthday be wonderful, this is the happiness of your parents

Happy 10th birthday son and God bless you

happy birthday son i like 2 things in a year one is your birthday and your birthday cake

A day comes once in a year, you feel so happy, I pray that every day in life is like your birthday, happy birthday son

Birthday Wishes For Adult Son

On one side the blessings of the whole world and on the other side the blessings of our parents. Happy Birthday son

Tomorrow you will be very happy but don’t know whether I will be able to live tomorrow or not Happy birthday son in advance

Happy birthday son, I will give you a gift on your birthday, if you will have a party at home with family, that’s fine

I do get angry on your mischiefs but not on your birthday. Happy Birthday son

happy birthday my little son my and my god bless you happiness life

My son is so small that he cannot speak, otherwise I will give him a big gift on his birthday

Agreed that you are away, I am missing you and your cake, son, Happy Birthday

You used to remind me of your birthday everyday, today is your birthday, remember, happy birthday son

Online greetings or face to face doesn’t matter but mother’s blessings are always with her and happy birthday my son

Birthday Wishes For Little Son

This year is your biggest year, birthday and you have got a job. happy Birthday my son

Today your cake turned white or black, I don’t know the difference, I will eat cake today. Happy birthday my son

let’s celebrate today my son’s birthday enjoy and happy birthday

Happy Birthday 20th my dear son god bless you happiness life

Today is my dear son’s first birthday Happy birthday son

You are far away but there is sadness and happiness on the birthday, no problem, happy birthday son

I will not do any work today, I will come to you all day and give you a party, happy birthday my son

Son and a mother’s love is different in the world Happy Birthday Son

May you get everything in life or may all your dreams come true Happy birthday son

Happy birthday son, like every year, this year also you ask for some gift or the other, tell me what you want this year

Whatsapp Status For My Son Birthday

happy birthday son god bless you

I agree that we wished you late but I am sorry happy birthday son

It doesn’t matter how far we are but our prayers will always be with you Happy birthday son

My dear child, what is this birthday, for me every day is more than your birthday

What did you think of your birthday, we just forgot to wish you in preparation for your birthday celebration Happy birthday son

Can’t believe you are so grown up now but to me you are still a little kid Happy Birthday Son

My son is away from me but every year is best, every year we celebrate birthday with your memories

How long have I been waiting for this day, today it has come, happy birthday son

Happy Birthday My Dear Son God Blessings

Happy Manny Manny Return of the day my son

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