Birthday Wishes For Jethani ji in English & Quotes Images Messages

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Funny Birthday Wishes For Jethani ji

May my Jethani always be happy, she never had any sorrow in life, she was always smiling. happy birthday

Hope you have a good day today and never be angry with anyone Happy Birthday Jethani

Our Jethani ji is very kind-hearted, she never hurts anyone, may God bless everyone with such a Jethani Happy Birthday

Sometimes such problems arise, first of all my Jethani asks what happened to me, is everything fine, Jethani ji ?

Don’t know how many favors my Jethani ji will have on me, but I can never forget her favor. happy birthday Jethani

Look how much understanding has become these days, my Jethani gets the job done without speaking. happy birthday

Do one thing so that you have courage from today Jethani Ji wish you a very happy birthday

We are lucky that we are like this, we have got Jethani and I don’t want anything. Happy birthday

She is my Jethani Ji who takes care of me every moment. Happy birthday

say one thing today you are very good as dangerous as you look on your face but not from your heart happy birthday

Happy Birthday Jethani Images

May you live 99 years and be happy never be angry with anyone Happy Birthday Jethani ji

Happy birthday Jethani ji live well, you have never been sad in life, and whether your cake is white or black, it doesn’t matter, we just want cake in the evening

Today you are looking very happy, is it your birthday, did I say right? happy birthday Jethani ji

Are you mean people say that I don’t I only know how my Jethani ji is and no one knows I know my sister-in-law very well Today is my sister-in-law’s birthday Happy Birthday Jethani ji

As the wind blows, you come to me for help. I love you Jethani ji Happy birthday

Don’t think about last year and start a new one from today. Happy Birthday Jethani ji

When you were in front of me, you used to talk to me, I liked it very much and I like you are very happy birthday Jethani Ji

My Jethani Ji is the one who forgives me for small things even when I refuse

All family members on one side and me and my Jethani ji on one side Happy Birthday

You are with me, then what else do I want, tell me what else do we want, Happy Birthday Jethani ji

Birthday Quotes For Jethani in English

As long as life and you are with me, tell me, what will you give us today, Happy Birthday Jethani Ji

As soon as any work is done, my Jethani ji and I finish it like this, so when there are some people in the house, they get jealous, don’t they? Happy birthday to Jethani ji

You are in front of my eyes, don’t go away from me, my dear Jethani Ji Happy Birthday

When I talked to you for the first time, I was so scared that I did not think that you are such a good friend of mine, happy birthday Jethani ji

Happy birthday Jethani ji I’m sorry if I said anything wrong to you, I know you’re up
be kind

I love you very much, I want this from my Jethani ji, no matter what she says, she is older than me at home

something has happened, for some days you are angry with us but no one is. Happy Birthday Jethani ji

One day you fight like this, I don’t mind the matter, but I have taught you to respect, not anger, Happy Birthday Jethani ji

Happy birthday Jethani ji, nowadays you are living lost, don’t take unnecessary tension and enjoy a lot, today is your birthday

If I live, how can I live without you, my heart doesn’t feel anywhere in the kitchen without you, don’t come to the kitchen, I am calling you Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Jethani Ideas

First of all I have made friendship after coming in this house, then she is related to you, who is there for me and supports me every friend, Jethani ji , happy birthday

I trust only my sister-in-law, that’s why people want me and my Jethani ji to fight, but we will never part. Happy birthday to my beloved Jethani Ji

I pray that I get only Jethani ji like you in every birth and no one else. Happy birthday Jethani ji

My Jethani Ji has never spoken to me in a loud voice till date. I am proud that I got such a Jethani Ji Happy birthday

If you are with me it feels like I have someone at home and someone who cares for me Happy Birthday Jethani Ji

We also send some nice messages on your birthday. Your Devarani does not know how to read or write anything from the heart Happy Birthday Jethani ji

There hasn’t been a birthday that I haven’t wished you a happy birthday you are our friend how can we forget Happy Birthday Jethani Ji

You help everyone in the house and do good to everyone, but if something bad happens to you, I will not remain silent Happy Birthday Jethani ji

Day and night are for people, my Jethani ji always has time in the house, you live as long as you want Happy Birthday Jethani ji

You are the only one after my family and my friends who takes care of me may God give such Jethani ji to everyone Happy Birthday Jethani ji

Jethani ji Birthday Messages

I bless you always be happy never be angry never cry for anyone if there is any help in bad time then remember me Happy Birthday Jethani ji

You always make me angry in your mind, if some work is not done properly, then you say something, I never mind your words, you must be wishing me well, that’s why you get angry Happy Birthday Jethani ji

Today is your birthday, don’t be angry, let’s enjoy today, don’t know what will happen again tomorrow Happy Birthday My Dear Jethani Ji

Happy Birthday Jethani ji is special, I have heard that today is your birthday, what special are you making today Jethani Ji?

We did not even know that today is your birthday. Happy birthday, sorry, could not even give you some gifts this year Jethani ji

I don’t know how old you will be but I can tell that you look younger than me Happy Birthday Jethani ji

Life is nothing but today you will get lots of happiness nothing more than this always be in smiley Happy Birthday Jethani ji

You don’t realize how much I love you you are the one who is my best friend Happy Birthday Jethani ji

Life is a birthday day, everyone in the world celebrates birthday, even today me will give money for the party Happy birthday Jethani ji

Smiling is the one who celebrates his birthday. Seeing your happiness makes me happy. Happy birthday my dear Jethani Ji


Happy Birthday Jethani ji I have always prayed for you, this day is not big for me, all day I smiled on your face and thought that you should be happy, today is your birthday, what do you want?

Say no, even today on your birthday, you believe in something different, I will give you the same party, my happiness is in your happiness Happy Birthday Jethani ji

I have heard that you don’t celebrate birthday, so it’s okay, I don’t like it too, but give you message on your birthday, be happy in life, whenever the bad time comes, remember me Happy Birthday Jethani ji

You are not with us this time no one will see your birthday next year we celebrate your birthday Happy birthday Jethani ji

Happy birthday, party in the early evening, will you give cakes or go with whatever me want Happy Birthday Jethani ji

Your name is uncountable in the house, there is no one like you in the house. Happy birthday Jethani ji

to hear that you are very poor, but people Tell that your heart is a millionaire, Happy Birthday Jethani ji

happy birthday Jethani ji everyone gets separated in the journey of life where are those days i miss you

happy birthday Jethani ji when you are away from home nothing feels good we and everyone come back home everyone misses you

Happy birthday Jethani ji, you look 99, yet you look young, no one can see you

Happy Birthday Jethani ji You are the reason for smiling, if someone is crying in the house, then you are the one who makes him laugh, God bless everyone in such a family with a Jethani like you

Happy Many years return of the day my Dear Jethani Ji Happy Birthday

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