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Best Happy Birthday Wishes For Big Brother Quotes Images & Is it your birthday big brother good thoughts and messages want picture then ap free from here and share your big brother ko and whatsapp status and thank you for coming here

heart touching birthday wishes for big brother

You are with me in my defeat and you are yours when I cry, you explain to me and if I am angry, you are the one who loves me. Happy birthday to my Big brother

If you walk four steps, you are my seven, I am not afraid in the colony, if you had my support, I would spend my whole life Happy Birthday

My brother is my life and such a brother is one in a million and if he has taken care of me then he is my Big brother Happy Birthday

Hope my brother will definitely feed me cake today because he loves me the most Happy Birthday Big Brother

In trouble, some remember the devil, some remember God, but I remember my brother Happy Birthday

How does the whole world know your story, our pair of brothers seems unique, the whole world says this Happy Birthday My Dear Brother

Today I don’t care if your cake is white or black or cool, I just want cake in the evening Happy Birthday Bro

As soon as the game ends my brother takes me home he has always cared for me God bless him today Happy Birthday Brother

birthday wishes for big brother in english

I have a heart that looks for you, you have shown me the way of life and you are everything for me Happy Brother

If I say I want to give all the happiness just to you today and I hope you have a nice day today Happy Birthday Brother

The one who is responsible in our house is the one who solves all the problems of my brother Happy Birthday

Today I wish him only one wish that he should be happy, whatever he has done for us is a lot for us Happy Birthday My Dear Brother

I pray that happiness comes in your life today, today you smile and bring cake me Happy Birthday Brother

Salute to my brother for what he has done for the country today, my brother did not do for me also, I don’t care and he is fighting for the country, I am proud of such a brother Happy Birthday

My brother is elder, loves me more, takes care of me and on seeing that Small me, but his heart is very good

My brother always tells me to believe in yourself in life and don’t trust anyone happy birthday to such a brother

Our relationship does not end with someone coming into our lives, we brothers have never been separated and will never be Happy Birthday

You are the reason I am living Thank you for doing all this for me today is your birthday tell me what gift do you want Happy Birthday

There will be no one in the world dearer than you, from today my brother, I believe in everything you say Happy Birthday

I have stolen your money so that I can buy a cake for you today Happy Birthday My Dear Brother

Everyone’s heart is loved by love, I want you in my house, so today I will give you a big gift Happy Birthday Brother

Blessings are always with you, today I give you double blessings, never torture your younger brother and love me and happy birthday to you

I am your brother, what happened when you grow up, I like your every habit, you have always done good for me and others and today happy birthday to such a Brother

Life is a game and my brother always plays with me in this game, I hope he has a happy birthday today

birthday wishes for big brother from sister

We know what you were now, we also know what you are now brother, don’t feel bad ever and tell a lot for yourself and happy birthday to you

I have seen in the future that I have only your hand on my head, I promise on your birthday that I will never be separated from you Happy Birthday Brother

When I see you with love, a smile comes on my face, why there is no fear of anyone in life, from today you have live 100 years of life and happy birthday

Fill your life with happiness, just today, think less about tomorrow, today is the day which is different in the world, for you and in your life, we have been waiting for this day for a long time

We are crazy about you, you are very smart, we should also adopt some smart habits and happy birthday to such a smart brother

wish you happy birthday may god keep you like this day

My brother is very big for me today is his birthday I will gift him today I am small but love my Elder brother a lot

tell you, what does your brother want to tell you today, that is, your younger brother loves you a lot, never told and today I will say I love you brother and happy birthday to you

May God always try to make you rich and do good to the poor, make you so rich happy birthday

My god bless you and never yearn for anything if any such need remember your younger brother

birthday quotes for big brother

Do you know what happened to your promise, don’t you want cake and party today, otherwise I will never wish you and you happy birthday

Are you intoxicated with wealth like this, today is your birthday, your my brother gives us some wealth, this habit tells you since childhood Happy Birthday Brother

Bro today is your birthday I have nothing to give you I don’t work no I no money just saying your gift is here he is your younger brother Happy Birthday

If you want anything, tell me, I do not have anything. On your birthday, I have always prayed for you and my cake Happy Birthday Brother

Your life should be happy from today because today is special for you and you will have to give a party Happy Birthday Brother

happy birthday my big brother and take your gift of freedom with you and play

My brother is one in a million, such a brother is found by some lucky girl Happy Birthday Big Brother

My brother has always given me money for school fees, everything is his brother’s right, this much is enough, I should give him a small gift

Life is going on, your name so we have more hope on our you, today I will decorate the township by taking it from home that it is my elder brother’s birthday today Happy Birthday

I send you my best birthday wishes and don’t forget to bring cake and party to this little sister of yours Happy Birthday Big Brother

I have a lot of faith in my brother, not on anyone in the world, one day he will make me a big man and today my heartiest congratulations to my brother

I have always blessed my elder brother on his birthday, if something happens, my elder brother is everything for me, even today I pray that he remembers me Happy Birthday my Big brother

Whether you say it or not, it’s your birthday, you know I did something special for your birthday Happy Birthday My Dear Big Brother

The best is my brother who will do anything for me because he likes his sister very much Happy Birthday My Dear Big Brother

Brother today is your birthday tell me what gift should I give for you or like last time you will say you are my sister that is my gift

live here die here my brother hi is everything for me hope its a good day Happy Birthday Big Brother

I bless you always do whatever you are doing for yourself and today there will be lots of happiness in your life Happy Birthday Big Brother

I did not wish you on some birthdays, today I say happy birthday my elder brother, may you live 99 years and may your life be full of happiness

Soon my elder brother will grow older than me, he doesn’t take care of his sister but this sister of yours will never separate you and happy birthday to such a mean brother

from God, i you blessed with all my heart. May happiness come in your life. Happy birthday

Best wishes for Janamdeen, may your life go smoothly and you become a big man one day Happy Birthday My Dear Big Brother

I pray that today your life goes with happiness and be happy and you are a very good brother, I am proud of you Happy birthday Big Brother

happy birthday my big brother and sister are happy to be alive

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