Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy, Quotes Images Messages

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1st birthday wishes for baby boy

Today we will not remain silent because today is our king’s birthday, I will decorate the house Happy Birthday

May God please you today and bring happiness to your life for many years to come and make a great name for yourself on your birthday

We want to do everything good for you, just don’t ever be angry with us, happy birthday

Baby boy is the luck of the house happy birthday

today is your birthday tell me what you want on this birthday my boy

Today is my baby boy birthday, I will not go to office in this happiness. Happy birthday

grandsons and grandparents relationship is different in the world Happy birthday my dear naughty boy

Every year we celebrate your birthday but this year we do something different. Happy birthday baby Boy

my nephew is crazy always cries the day crying will stop doing mischief then i will call her by my name happy birthday my

On your birthday, I will spend the whole day with you and party at home Happy birthday my boy

There is still time for your birthday, don’t mind it’s late but we will not forget your birthday, happy birthday my Handsome

Don’t be sad today, it’s your birthday, be happy, otherwise who will eat your cake Happy birthday my dear King’s

Just seeing you brings relief, we get a lot of happiness just by seeing you. Happy Birthday

2nd birthday wishes for baby boy

Slowly one day you will become a big son, this is what we wish for you, happy birthday

I feel happiest when I get first place in school. Happy Birthday

You are my life, you are my every happiness, you are my love, you are my breath, happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to the little boy who is different from everyone else, she is my Nephew

Whenever we see your face, we feel happy and you are the brightness of this house Happy birthday

Sometimes there is happiness and sometimes there is sadness but we will never be separated. Happy Birthday little boy

There is no one dear to you, what a boy you are, you don’t know yourself, you are very naughty, happy birthday

Don’t think about last year, think about what is going on now. The best start is from the day of your birthday. Move forward. Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday angel tell me what gift you want today, the whole shop is for you

Happy birthday my Son is one in a million I am proud that you are my Son

I will punish you completely for you today because today is your birthday, I am happy for you I am just happy

Birthday Quotes For Baby Boy

many more return of the day my Baby Boy happy Birthday

Very few people in the world know the love of father and Son May I get a boy in every birth. Happy Birthday to you my dear King

You are my every happiness. When I give money, I feel like I am god blessed you with such a Boy Happy Birthday

God loves everyone and today is my son’s birthday, see I will do something good for her today. Happy Birthday Handsome

little boy like you I say God bless you happy birthday

What might the viewers not have seen? I say that a baby boy birthday is very special

Today you will also get cake and chocolate because today is your birthday

I pray to God that I get you every birth on this day. Happy Birthday king’s

I think of you as small today but big tomorrow, just never ask for defeat in life, happy birthday

We have been crazy since we got you and now you have to cure us. Happy Birthday Darling

Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy Nephew

Happy birthday to the Bear who is different from everyone else

The day starts with you and the evening comes with you merry happy birthday Bubba

Happy Birthday What are you waiting for? I am there, tell me what gift do you want today?

You have changed my life by coming into my life, happy birthday Cupcake

This baby boy and the relationship itself is very cute, how innocent and how good, happy birthday

She has an innocent face and has a lot of fun. Happy Birthday my Love bug

Your eyes are magic, your smile is a glow of the world, happy birthday my Babe

Her smile is my strength and may there be a lot of happiness in her life today Happy Birthday

Every boy is the king’s of a house, happy birthday to the king

Everyone’s home is full of problems. The one who has a small boy in his house, see how rich his house is. Happy Birthday my Boo

You are small now but you don’t have enough time to dream but one day they will come true. Happy Birthday Babe

I pray that your small eyes and your small hands never separate from me. Happy Birthday

I was very happy when you were born and today is the second day, happy birthday my Bunny

It is true that the form of God exists in children. Today I have found my God. Happy Birthday

You are the shine of this house and you are the smile of this house Happy birthday

Birthday wishes for baby boy from mother

Have I ever seen you? Only your face seems to me to be my God. Happy birthday Handsome

I am very happy that I got a Boy in my house and wish her a very happy 1st birthday today

May God keep you safe till the coming year. Always smile. Happy Birthday

This world and these people love me very much. Happy Birthday to my Honey

It is a very happy day in my house, today is my Son’s birthday, happy birthday my Pooh Bear

This day has come again in your life. Happy Birthday

You are my life, you are my every happiness, never go away from us, happy birthday

Smile, celebrate your birthday wholeheartedly and why spend it wholeheartedly, your daddy will bear it. Happy Birthday my Prince

I want you to wear new clothes today and give chocolates to everyone, so you have to do this work today. Happy Birthday

Today I just pray for my king, may she never suffer anything bad in her life. Happy Birthday

These days were also wonderful. Seeing my Sweets birthday reminds me of my childhood. Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to my Baby, may you get everything you desire in your heart on this day


This boy never bothers me but his beloved sounds very nice these days Happy Birthday

I will remember every day of her childhood, especially her birthday. Happy Birthday my Hunk

This boy is crazy, no one should be with her on her birthday. Happy birthday to the crazy boy

You are small but your work is amazing. Happy Birthday Love

You have become so smart, right now I have no words to say to you, happy birthday baby

Happy birthday to my darling boy, tell me what you want today, I will give you everything

May you have happiness in life, just play and become a celebrity, never trouble your parents when you grow up, happy birthday Mister

Happy 2nd birthday my Son, may you have a great day today, this is our blessing Happy Birthday

This is a very good thing for me, today is my Baby King 1st birthday, happy birthday

Happy Birthday My heart has always worshiped you, never go away, leave your parents, my Squishy

Even if I look at you a hundred times, I remember your face. I am told that God exists in the form of children. You are my son from God Happy Birthday

I hope you have a great day today. First I eat chocolate and then have cake. Happy Birthday Stallion

We don’t need money, we just want our baby to smile, this is the only happiness in the world, happy birthday to you

We have raised you with a lot of love, I am your Son, one day you will definitely become a big girl, see, happy birthday to you

Your day will end like this, today you will never be so happy, this will be a very different day of your childhood, happy birthday to you

This boy is very unknown but her work is very big. Happy Birthday

We love our son very much, I will punish her from colony to colony because today is my son’s birthday

She cries a lot, she has less personality, happy birthday to such a naughty boy

I like this sunshine very much and I like her birthday. Happy birthday to her

Whenever you are the bread and butter in this house, it feels as if my house has become brighter. Happy Birthday Sweet Cheeks

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