Belated Happy Birthday Wishes Late Birthday Quotes, Messages,

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes Late Birthday Quotes, Messages Do you want good thoughts and messages for your Belated Birthday, you can download them for free from here and share them. Whatever you are wishing, you can use them as WhatsApp status and thanks for visiting

belated birthday wishes meaning

We did not think that your birthday was late yesterday but I wish you a very happy birthday

It’s time to convince you otherwise I will message you Was going to say happy birthday

don’t say anything happy birthday to you

It’s your birthday today, what if you miss your birthday, I will celebrate your birthday every day, sweetheart, happy birthday

I was the first one to wish you a happy birthday.

There is delay in humans but no one understands but my Husband understands very well. best wishes for your Happy birthday.

I don’t forget anyone’s birthday, this is your first time, sorry, happy birthday my dear

I pray that you get every happiness this year and keep smiling. Happy Birthday to you

There is delay in humans but no one understands but my Girlfriend understands very well. best wishes for your Happy birthday.

I hope you have a great day today, may you never yearn for anyone in your life. Happy Birthday

belated birthday wishes images

I am away, so I forgot to wish you a happy birthday. When does the alphabet send you a happy birthday message

There is delay in humans but no one understands but my Boyfriend understands very well. best wishes for your Happy birthday.

This is my prayer to God that you like me the most and love comes into my life. No matter how many mistakes I make, please forgive me Happy Birthday Belated

I am proud to have such a friend and I never want to lose you. Happy Birthday to you

There is delay in humans but no one understands but my wife understands very well. best wishes for your Happy birthday

It’s a promise darling we’ll never be apart, happy birthday

Your smile is my strength, today you tell me, I will give you a big gift on your birthday

I am sorry that I have sent your birthday message late but I do it every year. Happy Birthday

Well, you are more than us but not from the heart. I hope today you will have to talk to me from the heart. Happy Birthday to you.

Ask your heart today, what do you want? I will not sacrifice my life for everything because if I lose this life then how will my darling be able to live alone? Happy birthday

I haven’t wished you a late birthday on purpose, I was just taking your gift, it’s late. Happy Birthday

late birthday wishes

I love you not only on your birthday but for the whole year. Happy birthday

What is life without you, it is not life at all, just keep smiling, happy birthday today

If you are late on your birthday, then we are afraid of no one but of our beloved. Sorry, happy birthday

I wish to meet you, I have the intention of love, I am coming in the evening with a gift. Happy Birthday

happy Birthday many many return of the day my dear friend is such that every day will make true your dream

I solemnly say that my intention was not to forget your birthday, I just got late due to some tension. Happy Birthday

Your eyes are magic. If I don’t see you, I don’t feel at ease. Happy Birthday

Your hopes are waiting for you, just prepare the cake, we are coming with gifts for you Happy Birthday

I don’t remember when it was your birthday, but today I wish you a happy birthday

It’s very difficult to miss your birthday, I don’t remember it, but it’s late but Belated happy birthday

sorry for late birthday wishes

The relationship between you and your birthday is very sweet, we did not wish you on that day, but today we wish you happy birthday

When you came into my life, you became my life. Happy Birthday

This is nothing but cake is important to me otherwise I will not wish you a happy birthday every year

Someone’s birthday is late, no one has seen it in this world, I have done this today, sorry happy birthday

I wish you many things on your birthday but my happiness lies in your happiness. Happy Birthday

You have stolen my heart, you are far away but I am patient. Happy Birthday my dear

Happy Birthday my dear, sorry I am wishing you a late birthday

We need someone to love us, so you do it, tell me what gift can I give you today Happy Birthday

I found someone, my heart went there
Your birthday is late today, so we wish you a belated wish

My Dear, I have fought with you on your birthday, sorry for wishing you late,You are my life, you are my every happiness, you are my love, you are my love, happy birthday.
but I love you equally

You have such an innocent face and are angry from inside. I have congratulated you on your birthday even late than Tohra, Happy Birthday.

What happened, I forgot that your birthday is late but I am deeply sorry. Happy Birthday

You met me, my heart bloomed and what else do I need to live, I wish you a very happy birthday, today is a party

You are someone else’s, I celebrate your birthday very happily because I like your birthday very much

Happy birthday, I wished you late but these days I have become crazy about you

Everyone’s birthday is crazy but yours is very sweet. Happy Birthday

You are my life, you are my every happiness, you are my love, you are my love, happy birthday

Happy birthday, I was thinking about you all night, I didn’t realize when your birthday came, sorry

Happy birthday my moon I have seen but where is my cake my sweetheart

Ask about our well-being. Have you ever asked about our well-being? We have nothing without you. Have heard that today is your birthday. Take us somewhere out of this world

late birthday wishes funny

I heard your birthday passed but I thought it was today so please don’t feel bad. Happy Birthday

This life, please tell me something, my love and my cake are nowhere to be seen, I have had a lie down but my partner is not visible

If I live then how can I live without you, this year without you there is cake, I am late and far away from you. Happy Birthday to you

Bringing the cake slowly and feeding it to your sweetheart is all I want. May God keep you very happy

When I got you, I became a great person but I promise that I will never be separated from you. Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday my dear, sorry your birthday ended yesterday, I know but I feel so sorry that I forgot your birthday

Happy Birthday May God bless you so much

Today I am not happy to be you because today is your birthday, you give me a party and cake

Everyone has a heart, everyone has money, but everyone has love, but no one is like you

Happy Birthday, may God bless you a lot, don’t ever cry, sorry I am wishing you late


I have sworn to make you mine and I promise that today I will definitely have your cake and party. Happy Birthday

Forget me, goodbye my love. If you are angry just for talking to a stranger, that is not my love

Today I just pray for you, may all your dreams come true, happy birthday today

Never thought that this would never pass by you but today I say love and sorry, let’s wish you on your birthday

If you walk with me from birth to life, then never be connected to me. Tell me happy birthday. Today is your birthday, what gift do you want?

That girl who is different from everyone is my sweetheart and she forgives me no matter how much mistake I make Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday. There is no one like you in the world. I am proud that you are my friend

It doesn’t matter whether your cake is white or black, I just want cake in the evening

Nothing will happen to you but you will get very angry. Say one thing, don’t feel bad. Happy birthday to you today

I wish you a late happy birthday, but which of your cakes do you give me early?

I hope this year is very good for you and this year you get success Belated Happy Birthday

Eating cake is different only when I have your hand in it. Sorry, happy birthday

Birthdays come and go, but what to delay, then a person receives hearty wishes for his birthday

happy birthday really sorry my dear i wishing you late aap please smile

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