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romantic advance happy birthday wishes for lover

My lover’s birthday is coming this month, I will be busy on that day, say happy birthday in advance to everyone

What can I tell you about that day, I can’t say anything from now on, let that day also come, Happy Birthday in advance.

I remember your birthday every day for 364 days, not just one day happy birthday Advance my Darling

Your birthday is coming, so many of us are happy that we have not even been on our birthday, Happy Birthday in advance.

I don’t know why my lover says so much on her birthday, happy birthday in advance

I cried, what did I do? Happy birthday in advance

May God keep you safe till the day when your cake will be cut Happy Birthday Advance

We love you very much, so please try Happy Birthday Advance

I promise you my love, I will give whatever gift you say. Happy birthday in advance

When did you come into my dream arms and for how many days will you torment me? Happy Birthday in advance

I have loved you, I am lucky that I found you, now the day is not far when I will give you cake and my gift. Happy Birthday in advance

It’s great for me, your birthday is coming, but tell me what you want on that day, darling

advance happy birthday wishes for lover in english

I have found my destination, everything has changed my life, it is mine, now I am just waiting for that day

No one knows but we all know, I haven’t heard from you but we know when is your lover’s birthday HBD Advance

You also know the news, I also know it. Happy Birthday in advance

You just don’t look like it’s becoming your gift Happy Birthday Advance

I don’t want anything, what do you want? Tell me that day, I will even give my life Happy Birthday advance

I am already thinking about what to do with you on that day. Happy Birthday in advance

Never say goodbye my love, your breath is my breath I love you Happy Birthday advance

She is my lover who never leaves me. I will celebrate her birth like a festival HBD Advance

After a few days, see what gift I give to my beloved. Happy Birthday in advance

I heard that my lover’s birthday is coming. Happy birthday in advance

happy birthday advance your all dreams true my love

Its letter is small but it talks a lot Happy birthday advance to such a girl

Today’s girls do amazing things Happy birthday in advance

advance happy birthday quotes for lover

My every heart is only till you, my everything is only till you Happy Birthday Advance

Sweetheart, do my like you eyes very much happy birthday Advance Sweetheart

You came near, smiled like this, and now something happens, you will get your day, that birth is coming very soon

I miss you like it rains, I miss you more than that on your birthday my dear

Don’t make me wait any longer, celebrate your birthday any day soon, we want to eat your cake

What happens if people want lakhs, what happens is what God allows, but that is your birthplace, it is going to come very soon Happy Birthday Advance

There must be some big bang coming on your birthday God bless you on your birthday love

The way it looks like in monsoon, it happens in birthdays, but wait a little patience, it is about to come

How close we are getting to your birthday as it approaches happy birthday my sweetheart

That crazy paan, that innocence and that your birthday is coming, I like this style very much advance Happy Birthday Queen

Who knows if there will be a tomorrow is my darling birthday

Happy birthday in advance my love, tomorrow is your birthday so I am wishing you

My Sweetheart birthday is coming after a few days, I am very happy

Advance Happy Birthday images in Lover

Dear listen, I die for you, I love you, I have heard that your birthday is coming, should I buy for you this year

Birthday is not a big deal in the world, but waiting on the Coming birthday is the big thing Advance Happy Birthday my Love

I have started living more than before, I have started dying for you, the birthday has not come yet, I am feeling happy

Your birthday is coming after 6 days just watch

My darling birthday is coming in this month

Naughty boy’s birthday is coming, I have heard that he will definitely enjoy the party and will eat the cake too advance Happy Birthday

Be it day or night, birthday, day comes to evening, don’t forget, meet tomorrow at the same time, very soon

What the viewers would not have seen, I think no one would have seen a day like my sweetheart birthday, see that this day will also come

Tomorrow I will rest because my Love birthday is coming no ordinary day it’s a happy day for me

Heard that the birthday of a business man is coming, will profit give cake and party, he just motivates everyone Happy Birthday in Advance

Birthday of this hero is coming, he spends more on work and party

your birthday is coming very soon i am very happy Darling

Advance birthday wishes for boyfriend romantic

birthday is coming, it is a good thing, it is better than him, you will give us a feast Happy Birthday Advance

Congratulations to those people whose birthday is coming, ask those who celebrate their birthday today, only they know how much happiness they get

My message to those who celebrate birthday is coming, celebrate but in your family, not on the road, why people should not be troubled

happy Birthday Advance your birthday coming im so happiness because your birthday full party and enjoyed My Sweetheart

Birthday is coming because it is not a day of spending, it is a day of blessings, on this day you also pray, it will be accepted

Heard that the birthday of rich people is coming, they are so busy, from where will they see our messages

You are alone, me are alone, you are my life, I have heard your love, Birthday is coming,, so ask with open heart, I will give it to you like this

Decoration Colony and City After few days because my love birthday is coming

I give a message for those sweetheart who didn’t celebrate their birthday even once, then look, there is no expense on birthday, only blessings Happy Birthday Advance

Everyone see how I decorate from home to colony because Sweetheart birthday is coming Happy Birthday Advance

Advance birthday wishes for lover boy

It’s a matter of a day then tomorrow you will be busy because your birthday is coming Happy Birthday Advance

I don’t care whether your cake is white or black, we want cake, just tell me when is your birthday Happy birthday Advance

Don’t tell your birthday if you want but we remember Happy birthday Advance

This month is special for you, is your birthday coming, everyone has an advance feast come to all

People say that the queen’s birthday falls in this month Advance Happy Birthday

People say that the queen’s birthday falls in this month Advance Happy Birthday

Heard that the birthday of a madman is coming, after 3 days he is already happy. Happy birthday Advance to such a madman

live here die here go where else happy birthday in advance

Understand some people if you can, otherwise they leave them thinking of their birthday. Advance Happy Birthday

Sweetheart, why don’t you here from me because your birthday is coming soon HBD in Advance

your heart is not on your birthday, cutting you cake every year makes you cry, laughing and smiling on that day, don’t forget your sweetheart Happy Birthday Advance

May God keep you happy, I have heard that your birthday is coming, stay in the world till your birthday and die after seeing your birthday

Advance birthday wishes for crush

Look after 2 days, the king’s birthday is coming, decorate from the township to the city HBD in Advance

I have heard that the birthday of Romantic people is coming after a few days

Coming Soon is your birthday but someone is happy but he cannot tell, I will tell you Few Days

I have heard that no one celebrates in birthday like you, my eyes are yearning to see this Happy Birthday Advance

hope you’re right one day till your birthday is coming Advance Happy Birthday

today is nothing but tomorrow is nothing but coming in this week it is King’s birthday

today is nothing but tomorrow is nothing but coming in this week it is queen’s birthday

What is coming now is more than a festival, for your it is your birthday

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