10th Muharram Ashura 2024 Wishes Quotes Images & Messages Ideas

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Day of Ashura Quotes

Your beats are with me even with this and even after the beats, our Hussain is the king

There was no one like you in this world, if you were not there, there would be no Islam, I pray that all Muslims become like you

Wherever you look, every street, every city, city, yes, see crores of people, where there is Hussain on every tongue

Shaheed-e-Momineon remembers Karbala, eyes

Read Quran in the memory of Hussain, remember him, this 10th Muharram is a da y of sorrow, not a day of happiness

We cry on the day of 10 Muharram, our Hussain was martyred, used to feel sad

There is no less happiness and dancing on the day of sorrow, fasting and worship should be done

10th Muharram Wishes

Where is such a fragrance that takes us, we know that fragrance, the memories of Hussain are only in Karbala, take us too

Believe that this month is of Muharram, don’t ignore it because this month is to remember Hussain and especially on 10th Muharram

We have not seen but said that there is such power that everyone used to say that it is in Hussain

If you look at my Hussain, Habit you will forget to see the world and bad people and I am not even nothing in front of them

If you see Karbala everyone will be happy and you will also want to be like Hussain

My Hussain is in Karbala, now call me too, but now I don’t want anyone, everyone in this world is selfish

The life of is sweat Hussain’s oppression is torture that death is living Hussain’s words, let him count his days My Hussain is coming closer

Salute to Hussain, who has given his right in Karbala, has kept the promise of his maternal grandfather, has fought for the entire Ummah

Karbala Quotes

Salute to you my Hussain who was called by fraud my Hussain was killed I salute us Hussain proud i because your my god

I am proud that my Hussain will be martyred to take his Islam forward. 10 On the day of Muharram just sit at home and remember him and feed the poor on this day

My Hussain, no one was called in trouble, one who was taking Islam forward alone and today we are the ones who are going away from our Islam

If you were not there, there would be no Muslim in this world, we did not know our Islam, it is okay if you do not believe in Muharram, but everyone should understand what happened on the 10th of Muharram

God bless, there are many who are jealous of our Sunnah, but these people do not believe in Hussain, so these people do not know that if Hussain was not there, we would have been nothing, all would have been devils

I have faith in Hussain, he is different and there was no one like him in the world, nor will there be. Millions of salutations to this Hussain

My only point is that the grandson of the Prophet was martyred, he was not weak, he just sacrificed his grandfather’s promise and his Islam

10th Muharram Ideas Messages

Don’t know how many days this Hussain remained without water, his heart would have been sad, Millions of salutations to that Hussain

Take us to the place where our Hussain was martyred, we cry so much

We want to go to Karbala in the memory of Hussain today is the day our Hussain was martyred 10 Muharram We are proud

We are proud of the beloved grandson of Muhammad who sacrificed his life for his Islam and our Hussain is still alive in our hearts

It will be many days since our Hussain was martyred, but even today we remember his love and his habit

Muharram Day of Ashura Images

Hardly there will be those who do not know the society who does not know our Hussain, once see what happened on the 10th day of Muharram, then you will love Hussain

Whatever is needed, our Hussain is just coming

Our Hussain fought for justice, obeyed his maternal grandfather

Our Hussain was martyred on 10th Muharram and we definitely weeds

Life will end here one day, death will come like this, but I want everyone to be like Hussain, salute you Hussain

You are Grate with us in Karbala, any day we also pray to die in debt, my Hussain, salute to you

Ali has told what is worship Hussain has told what is martyrdom Hussain was not allowed to fight, otherwise he abbas would have told what Qayamat is

We have heard a lot about Karbala But some people came and scared us, maybe they won’t know

Salute to my Hussain, he was my Hussain who was without water for 3 days in Karbala, he was my Hussain who was fighting for Islam

My Hussain was never angry with anyone, my Hussain always smiled, there was no one like him, I salute him

10th Never play the drum in Muharram, why if your son dies, then you will play the drum on that day, then what happened?

10th On the day of Muharram, just remember Hussain and worship, keep fast, today is a day of sorrow for us

Our Hussain never left the world, yet his blood flows in our hearts and in our

Beloved prophet’s grandson has never refused his grandfather’s promise, he has fulfilled every promise of the world, we are proud and salute to such Hussain

For you, O Hussain, I have taken a decision by becoming a shroud on my head, I will sacrifice my life as well, Salam Hussain

Never stay away from us Hussain every generation of yours in our life and your name will always be remembered

Karbala is ready God bless This doom is about to come, the way me Hussain was attacked

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